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About Long Island Massage Therapy Center


About Long Island RPWC

Lisa Shapiro, Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) for many years, has explored and provided the many massage techniques available today. To develop an approach to massage therapy that is unique and client-specific Lisa combines the traditional with the innovative, creating a combination of modalities tailored to each client's preference and goals

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A large body of research is documenting the benefits of therapeutic massage.  Many of these finding are published in top medical and health organization journals.  Just to name a few benefits, it can, increase your immune response, lower blood pressure, reduce the effects of stress, help with insomnia, relieve headaches, aid in some circulatory problems, or in relieving TMJ syndrome.

Massage improves functioning of the circulatory, lymphatic and nervous systems.  It increases circulation and lymphatic flow, which increases nutrition and evacuation on a cellular level as well as increasing immune response.

Many physicians are now more accepting of alternative therapies as they begin to understand the benefits. They are now aligning themselves with massage therapists, either by referring patients or hiring them as employees.

Today our staff has multiple locations utilizing this unique technique of treating each individual with combinations of several healing modalities.  Including right in your own home. Home visits are by appointment only.

In short, massage can make you feel calmer, heal faster, and make your life healthier.

Long Island Phoenix Massage rising from the traditional becomes the exceptional! Contact us today experience the difference.


Testimonials: Long Island’s number one hidden gem is Lisa Shapiro. Thank you Lisa for helping me with terrible, terrible back pain. Nobody understands like you how to relieve the knots and aches that build up day after day. Thank you - Rob R.
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