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Many medical conditions can be helped by massage therapy

About Long Island Signature Massage
 Signature Massage

This is a combination of four types of massages. It consists of Swedish, deep tissue, aromatherapy and reflexology. It’s a wonder way to sample four different massages at one time!

About Long Island Medical Massage
Medical Massage

The aim of Medical massage is to aid recovery, whether from injury or illness. It helps decrease pain and increase mobility. It has been shown to speed recovery, by as much as a third. It prevents adhesions, as well as, increasing immune response. It decreases pain because of the sedating effects on the Central Nervous System. You get all these benefits as well as relaxation.

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About Long Island Sports Massage
Sports Massage

A Sports massage is great for anyone involved in any kind of physical activity. It loosens muscles before your workout to prevent injury. After it can prevent adhesions, by preventing sticky proteins from attaching to each other. It can also prevent aches, pains and stiffness that can accompany a rigorous workout.

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Deep Tissue Massage Long Island
Deep Tissue Massage

A Deep Tissue massage works on tissue surrounding the muscle called fascia. Sometimes stress, inactivity, or injury the fascia starts to stick together impeding movement. Deep tissue releases the fascia, so freedom of movement is regained.

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Swedish Massage Long Island
Swedish Massage

A Swedish massage increases circulation across, sedates the nervous system and if done deeply will stimulate the release of endorphins, the body's natural pain killers. It relaxes you and relieves the symptoms of stress. It can help you perform better at work, sports and life in general.

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Pregnancy Massage Long Island
Pregnancy Massage

A Pregnancy massage will make the next nine months easier. It can help a woman deal with all the assorted discomforts of pregnancy. It eases back pain and reduces stress. It can help with relaxation as well as relieving the physical stress that pregnancy creates in the body.

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Reflexology Massage Long Island
Reflexology Massage

Reflexology are points on both hands and feet that relate to areas of the body. The hands are acute conditions and the feet are chronic. When a painful point is worked out, it is usually followed by a reduction of pain in the effected part of the body. Reflexology is not foot massage! It can be intense at times, but can provide relief for many types of problems.

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Shiatsu Massage Long Island
Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu literally means finger-pressure and that is exactly what it is. Pressure is applied with thumbs, fingers, and palms to acupuncture points, This pressure releases Chi or life energy at points where a blockage exists. The Chi thus freed allows the body to heal itself. Allowing the body to regain balance, a state it is always striving to achieve.

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Long Island Aroma Therapy

Aromatherapy transports the body and the senses to heightened state of relaxation. Aromatherapy body massage helps sustain you, to give you needed personal time so you can regroup and stay in control. For this reason, many clients, from homemakers to professional decision makers and frequent travelers know the benefits gotten by an aromatherapy massage.

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Facials Long Island

Our Long Island Facials give the needed care and attention to the part of your body by which the world recognizes you—your face. As we take on the world’s challenges, our faces are first to reflect how we bare up to them. For this reason, we offer a range of facial skin care solutions that will make you feel rejuvenated after our facial therapists compete your session

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Skin Care - Long Island
Skin Care

Skin Care incorporates: Microdermabrasion, Body Wraps, Body Mask, Body Treatment, Body Scrubs, AHA Peels, Paraffin Treatments and more

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Testimonials: Long Island’s number one hidden gem is Lisa Shapiro. Thank you Lisa for helping me with terrible, terrible back pain. Nobody understands like you how to relieve the knots and aches that build up day after day. Thank you - Rob R.
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